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Our Resource Directory provides links to businesses and organizations in California who fall in line with RPICs mission to bridge the gap bridge the gap between the African American community and access to resources which are essential to their economic, social and educational well being.

Attention Community Leaders and Business Professionals:

RPIC seeks to provide community members with information about the many resources that are available in their specific communities.  If you would like to be listed in RPIC’s Resource Directory please complete the registration form.

Please note that all submissions are subject to review and approval by RPIC staff prior to being published in the Resource Directory.  If you have questions please contact us directly at

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RPIC funds research projects to analyze the past, present and future of public policy as it relates to the African American community.

  • RPIC reviews the history of public policy, the background and development of the issues that have affected the African American community, as well as how such issues have influenced current public policy trends.
  • RPIC will act as an overseer, assessing the current trends of public policy and how such trends will affect the future of the African American community.


Recent Publications by RPIC

The materials created from this research are available to public officials, community-based organizations, principal constituent groups, and all appropriate civic organizations.

Black Residential Migration in California: Implications for Higher Education Policy

State of Black California Report

2008 Environmental Survey



Research Clearing House

RPIC seeks to provide you with information that is important to California’s African American community.  Our Research Clearing House provides you with links to research publications and projects that fall in line with RPIC's mission.

We are always looking to add new content to our Research Clearing House.  If you have a suggestion or submission for a research project or publication that you think should be added to our website, please contact us .



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