CCC Summer Algebra Institutes Print


The mission of the Algebra Institutes is to foster high academic achievement and college readiness among African American students. 


Each summer, CCC sites from across the state unite to host the annual CCC Summer Algebra Institutes (CCC-SAIs).  The CCC Algebra Institutes provide students with 6 weeks of intensive instruction in Pre-Algebra.  Unlike typical Pre-Algebra classes however, the CCC-SAIs allow students to focus on college preparation at least twenty percent of the time.  Such preparation includes, tips for studying and test taking, long term academic planning, and college campus tours.  The CCC Summer Algebra Institute's unique culturally-relevant curriculum is also infused with African cultural themes to build the students' understanding of and appreciation for African and African American legacy in Math.

Students attending the CCC-SAIs, many of whom are from low-income communities, report an increased affinity of and performance in math as result of this unique curriculum.  Since the Algebra Institutes began in 2006, the Connecting Communities Coalition has helped over 500 students upgrade their math skills at least one grade level or higher.  Additionally, because the CCC-SAI curriculum helps students understand how algebra fits into the larger academic and career planning picture, students typically also experience marked improvement in academic areas beyond mathematics.

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